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The Seabird Task Force is a highly specialised group of observers and researchers. We are working alongside fishermen and decision makers to identify and mitigate seabird bycatch in Europe.

We are part of BirdLife Europe, the European secretariat of BirdLife International – an environmental organisation formed by a global partnership of grass roots organisations.

The Seabird Task Force includes representatives from BirdLife International Marine Programme, our national Partners SEO/BirdLife in Spain, and the Lithuanian Ornithological Society (LOD/BirdLife in Lithuania) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB/BirdLife in UK).

Marguerite Tarzia, BirdLife Europe Marguerite Tarzia, BirdLife International (Europe and Central Asia Division) Rory Crawford, BirdLife International Rory Crawford, RSPB/BirdLife International Julius Morkunas, LOD- Lithuania Julius Morkunas, LOD
Liutauras Raudonikis, LOD Pep Arcos, SEO/BirdLife- Spain Vero Cortes, SEO/BirdLife
Liutauras Raudonikis, LOD Pep Arcos, SEO/BirdLife
Vero Cortes, SEO/BirdLife

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